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Store building and empowerment Provide a unified style, image and standard store design, improve the overall visual image of the store, optimize the store sales environment, and help the store comprehensively improve the sales order conversion rate, product sales added value and customer satisfaction.
Service empowerment Perfect pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales service system to ensure the comprehensive support and rapid response mechanism of products in terms of quality, delivery and construction, so as to realize the real one-stop service purpose of terminal stores and ensure public praise.
Operational empowerment Including management ability, shopping guide ability, after-sales installation and service, to help dealers comprehensively improve their store management and operation ability and the terminal sales ability of shopping guides. At the same time, formulate a regional targeted assistance plan. Through the combination of actual research and tracking guidance, ensure that the assistance plan can be implemented easily and truly realize the customization of terminal strategy.
Activity empowerment The professional marketing team provides dealers with national linkage, provincial linkage, small area activities and other activities to help dealers improve their activity operation ability.
Policy empowerment Give franchisees regional protection policies to ensure that the sales areas of each dealer do not overlap, protect customers' sales profits and avoid malicious competition between stores. At the same time, continuously extend the life cycle of the brand, so that all partners can maximize profits and growth.
Delivery date enabling Fulfill the priority service mechanism and delivery cycle commitment, effectively ensure the timeliness and relevant interests of franchise terminals, and realize the controllable cycle and after-sales guarantee that the operation terminals have the most core competitiveness in the market competition.
Marketing empowerment Traditional media and new media jointly carry out online and offline integrated marketing, carry out in-depth brand promotion through multiple channels, and create a diversified integrated marketing system.
Interactive empowerment Vigorously promote excellent stores and clerks on multiple platforms, establish employee rationalization suggestions and reward system, encourage employees to participate in store management, and promote the construction of team comprehensive marketing ability of franchise system.
Win Win Strategy
Win Win Strategy
Win Win Strategy
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