Since its establishment in 1983, Suwalper has always adhered to the brand concept of "ingenuity Wall Art & nbsp; · era aesthetics", committed to the innovation of wall decoration material technology with high-quality raw materials, global trend design and cutting-edge technology, and has been consuming high-level services We provide products with environmental protection, art and humanistic connotation.

1983 Set sail formally enter wallpaper industry market The establishment of Suwalper in Taiwan,started the prelude of Suwalper people's dream.
1996 The company is built Shanghai Suwalper Wallpaper Co., Ltd. was established in Fengxian District, Shanghai.
2007 Suwalper won the title of Shanghai famous brand Through ISO9001,ISO14001 certification, won the title of Shanghai famous brand;
Continuous expansion of capacity, the pursuit of technological innovation.
2008 The birth of the brand-Living Style Suwalper launched high-end import agency brand-Living Style.
2010 Suwalper won the title of "Shanghai Famous Trademark" and "Top Ten Brands in China's Wallpaper Industry" Introduced Emerson nine-color wide circular screen intaglio printing embossing machine from Britain, greatly expanding production capacity;
Import Oracle ERP system to realize data management of enterprise system;
Won the title of Shanghai Famous Trademark and China's top ten wallpaper industry brands.
2012 Suwalper has become a long-term strategic partner with Evergrande, Haier, BRC and other companies Suwalper has become a long-term strategic partner with evergrande,Haier,Blu-ray and other companies;
Use Stork wide-width high-speed circular screen coater from Holland.
2013 The brand was established-OLD FASHION Set up OLD FASHION brand with Beijing EasyHome Interior.
2018 Become a member of wall Decoration China · Excellent Product Alliance Officially become a member of wall decoration China · Superior product Alliance, participate in drafting and formulating industry standards;
Establish strategic partnership with vanke,Blu-ray,China Resources Land,Rongxin,Langshi and other real estate enterprises;
Established strategic cooperation with Dossen,WYNDHAM and other hotel groups;
Successfully held the hotel 100 anti-mildew experience plan results conference.
2019 Suwalper established Qidong Xinlian Wallpaper Production Base and Chengdu Xinsheng Shangpin Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. To establish strategic partnership with Zhonghai and Leading;
Qidong Xilian wallpaper production base was established and successfully imported into Oracle ERP management system;
Set up sales subsidiary:Chengdu Xinsheng Shangpin home furnishing Co., Ltd;
OHSAS 18001 certification.
2020 Suwalper became Disney's agent in China and established Shaoxing Xinqunchuang Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. Established strategic cooperation with Huazhu Group and entered into The Platform of Huazhu E-shopping;
Become Disney's agent in China (produced in York, USA);
Set up research and development/production/sales in one of the wall cloth production base:Shaoxing xinqunchuang home furnishing Co., Ltd.
2021 The company changed its name,establishment of Beijing Company Become 2020 Vanke Real Estate a-level supplier;
With Country Garden, merchants Shekou become the national strategic partner;
And Jinjiang International Hotel Group to become a national strategic partner;
Set up sales subsidiary:Beijing Xinjian future home furnishing Co., Ltd;
Joint-stock reform, the company changed its name to Shanghai Suwalper Functional Decor Materials Co., Ltd.