Want to extend the life of your wallcovering? Routine maintenance is important 2022-10-25

Generally speaking, if ordinary wallcoverings are well maintained, their service life is between 15 and 20 years, so the daily maintenance of wallcoverings is very important. Today, Xiaoxin will share with you the maintenance rules of wallcoverings and common maintenance misunderstandings of wallcoverings. Wallcoverings will be affected by air, temperature, humidity, and airflow during home use, so care should be taken according to the nature of the wallcoverings during maintenance.


01 During wallcovering construction

Many people think that the maintenance of wallcoverings is a later process when they are decorating, but they don't know that the maintenance of wallcoverings has already started during construction

1. Pay attention to the weather

During the construction of wallcovering, the season with relative air humidity below 85% and no sharp change in temperature shall be selected, and the construction in wet season and wet wall shall be avoided.

2. Proper ventilation

During wallcovering construction, doors and windows should be opened during the day to maintain ventilation; doors and windows should be closed at night to prevent moisture from entering. The wallcovering just pasted on the wall must not be blown by strong winds, otherwise it will affect its bonding fastness and surface engineering.

3. Glue marks should be cleaned up

The adhesive spilled when pasting the wallcovering should be wiped off with a clean towel at any time, especially the glue marks at the seams. At this time, the construction personnel or supervisors must check carefully and seriously.

4. Keep highly clean

The construction personnel must ensure that the hands and tools are clean. If there are stains, they should be cleaned with soap water or detergent in time.

02 After wallcovering construction

After the construction of the wallcovering is completed, some details need to be paid attention to, such as ventilation and regular cleaning.

1. Dry wallcovering

After pasting the wallcovering, the doors and windows should be closed for 2-3 days to allow the wallcovering to dry in the shade. If the room where the wallcovering has just been pasted is ventilated immediately, it will cause the wallcovering to warp and bulge.

2. Do not turn on the heating or air conditioner

Do not turn on the heating or air conditioning before the wallcovering is dry, to avoid the cracking caused by the violent shrinkage of the wallcovering.

3. Moisture-proof ventilation

When the air humidity is high, the windows should be closed in time to prevent the invasion of humid air outside the house; when the weather is better, the windows should be opened in time for ventilation.

4. Regular cleaning

The wallcovering is easy to accumulate dust, which affects the appearance and cleanliness. It is recommended to clean it every 3 to 6 months. Scrub with a vacuum cleaner or towel dipped in clean water, being careful not to seep water into the seams.

5. Prevent hard objects from hitting and rubbing

Usually pay attention to prevent hard objects from hitting and rubbing against the wall. After a certain period of time, timely subsidies should be given to cracks in some places, and they cannot be allowed to develop.

03 Common maintenance misunderstandings of wallcoverings

In addition to the wallcovering maintenance rules discussed above, there are many common maintenance misunderstandings for wallcoverings that need to be avoided↓

1. Frequent ventilation and moisture-proof

Many people have such a misunderstanding, thinking that the space where the wallcovering is placed should be ventilated frequently, so that the wind can blow to the wallcovering to prevent mildew. As a result, not only is the mildew not controlled, but the wallcovering is also dry and cracked.

Xiao Xin’s tip: Ventilation needs to choose the right time. It is rainy in spring, and ventilation will only increase the indoor moisture, making it easier to get damp and moldy. Autumn is dry, often opening windows makes the wallcoverings easy to dry and crack, especially the freshly pasted wallcoverings cannot be ventilated for a long time, which will make the glue dry quickly, causing problems such as bubbles and cracks in the wallcoverings.

2. Frequent light sterilization

Many people believe that light is effective in killing bacteria. It is true that abundant sunlight can effectively kill bacteria, but long-term light will cause the wallcovering to fade, thus affecting the overall effect.

Xiao Xin’s tip: Wallcoverings are very simple to sterilize and prevent moisture. In the season when bacteria are common, you can put some camphor powder or pepper powder on the corners of the wallcoverings, which can kill harmful bacteria and prevent insects and moisture.

3. Bleach to clean stains

Many people think that using bleach will remove stains from wallcoverings. Although bleach is very effective, regular use can cause partial discoloration of the wall layout.

Xiao Xin’s tip: For different wallcovering stains, we need to use different methods, not bleach is a panacea. Such targeted cleaning is the best maintenance technique for wallcoverings.

Careful care can prolong the service life of wallcoverings and make the beauty of the home last longer, have you learned?