Leading the trend of soft decoration, the power of evolution | Uniwal Group's 2023 spring brand development and product promotion conference was a complete success 2023-05-15

In the new year, with the acceleration of economic recovery and the normal development of the real estate industry, Uniwal Group also took advantage of the situation to accelerate the deployment of the market.  From February 25th to 27th, 2023, Uniwal Group successfully held the first event of its sub-brand "Brewster" after the group's strategic upgrade - Brewster's 2023 Spring Brand Development and Product Promotion Conference.  With the theme of "leading the trend of soft decoration, the power of evolution ", this event received excellent dealers from all over the country, and also attracted 6 or 7 dealers of Uniwal wallpaper and wallcoverings, summed up the trend, led the upgrade, and conspired develop.


The first stop, Qidong factory visit.

▲Uniwal, Brewster Qidong Factory

▲Distributors visit Qidong factory (the first session on February 25th)

▲Distributors visit Qidong factory (second session on February 27)

▲Alan Kang (Jia-Xiang), general manager of Uniwal Group, explained the British E&R rotary screen gravure printing embossing machine to the distributors


Through this factory visit, the dealer partners have further understood the strength of manufacturing and supply chain backed by Uniwal Group, and also have a new understanding of Brewster's leading technology, refined quality assurance system and operating strength in products.

▲ Photo of Brewster's team and distributors (February 27)


The second stop, Shaoxing base visit and Brewster new product recommendation meeting. Under the leadership of Alan Kang (Jia-Xiang), the general manager of Uniwal Group, the dealers continuously arrived at the Shaoxing base. As a result, Brewster's 2023 Spring New Product Promotion Conference officially kicked off. At the beginning of the conference, Alan Kang (Jia-Xiang), the general manager of Uniwal Group, made an opening speech on the conference. First of all, on behalf of the company, Mr. Kang expressed his deep condolences and heartfelt thanks to the dealers who are struggling in the front line, and made a wonderful sharing with "leading the trend of soft decoration and the power of evolution".


▲ Alan Kang (Jia-Xiang), the general manager of Uniwal Group, explained the strategic development plan of the group


He said that with the addition of well-known American soft decoration brands Brewster and Shaoxing Mingjia, the group's product line will be more complete and the distribution of channels will be more diversified. The group will make every effort to seize market share, compete for sales, increase profits, maintain industry leadership, and comprehensively build a terminal retail management system, continue to promote the efficiency of terminal retail sales in goods yards, and create an industry retail benchmark. In addition, he emphasized that the group is very optimistic about consumption upgrades in the post-epidemic era. It will focus on design-driven, category innovation and channel empowerment as organizational goals, strive to occupy the high point of the industry, assume industry responsibilities, and seize the 100 billion soft decoration market, and Global customers create together, share achievements, and move towards a new journey.


▲ Distributors listen carefully to the meeting


During the meeting, Mr. Kang put forward a clear direction for the business direction, positioning and vision of the Brewster brand, as well as Brewster's future business and service system. He believes that in the future, channel resources can be better integrated to form complementary brand advantages and lead the development of the industry.


Subsequently, Ms. Hu Ren-Yin, general manager of Brewster, shared about Brewster's 2023 brand management and development plan, and put forward a work plan in five dimensions around the theme of "value creation, efficiency improvement, and high-quality development": including the remodeling and consolidation of brand genes, the transition of long-term business model, the re layout of market channels, the restructuring of categories and product structures, and the creation of product systems that span cycles, as well as the improvement and empowerment of the whole chain of marketing services. It emphasizes that long-term rather than opportunism transcends change, and introduces in detail the series of new products that this promotion will focus on, including evolutionism series, New Artists series, New Creator series, New Minimalism series, etc.

 ▲Ms. Hu Ren-Yin, general manager of Brewster, elaborated the brand management development plan


Distributors seriously participate in the product Co-creation meeting (the first meeting on February 25)

Distributors earnestly participated in the product co-creation meeting (second session on February 27)


In addition, dealers also left valuable comments and suggestions, which will be our most important driving force, and we will actively improve~

 Excellent dealer dinner interaction, mutual agreement to gather again

 ▲ Letter of suggestion from distributors

▲ The Brewster team prepares check-in greeting cards and badges for the distributors


In the future, Uniwal Group will integrate all resources and forces, with a pragmatic, rigorous, precise, efficient, and lean management work style, gather momentum to move forward, create and share achievements with global customers, and embark on a new journey.