Gather the Momentum and Win the Future Together | UNIWAL Group upgraded and appeared in Beijing Soft Decoration Exhibition, and opened up a new format of home furnishing market with omni-channel layout 2023-05-22

On the occasion of economic recovery, UNIWAL took advantage of the situation and participated in the Beijing Soft Decoration Exhibition in March with its three major brands, successfully concluding! This is the first appearance of UNIWAL Group after its strategic upgrade, and it is also a magnificent turn to complete the upstream and downstream layout of the industry and achieve platform-based development.


01 Go straight to the grand occasion of the exhibition


The group's booth area is 750 square meters, and it will exhibit with its three major brands, "Suwalper wallpaper wallcovering", "Brewster soft decoration" and "Minga wallcovering". By displaying different product structures and characteristic selling points, and interpreting the different positioning and charm of the brand, it has won the favor and cooperation consultation of many dealers and design units.

02 Create a better life


Focusing on the growing needs of the people for a better life, UNIWAL Group has expanded from high-speed expansion to high-quality development, continuously optimizing business efficiency and product efficiency, improving the layout and construction of upstream and downstream industrial chains, attracting excellent partners and strong alliances, actively promoting industrial upgrading, creating high-quality life, and continuously meeting the people's aspirations for a better life.


In the post pandemic era, it is imperative to upgrade consumption and improve product structure and service quality.    UNIWAL Group takes design as its core, from product delivery to spatial solution delivery, gathers momentum to enhance spatial value empowerment, and strives to create industry benchmarks.


Alan Kang(Jia-Xiang)General Manager of UNIWAL Group, was interviewed by many media


03 Work together to create a bright future


The successful transformation of UNIWAL Group is based on the corporate philosophy of long-termism and lean management, relying on design, R&D, manufacturing, and supply chain strengths to cultivate channel growth. The Group will continue to focus on key points such as health and environmental protection, category innovation, and channel empowerment, and will continue to innovate and develop iteratively. All members of UNIWAL Group look forward to sailing hand in hand with more partners, based on a new starting point, exploring new directions, and welcoming a new future.