Wallcovering has creases? Don't be afraid, this is enough! 2022-10-10

Generally speaking, the wallcoverings are specially inspected, rolled and packaged by special personnel to ensure that the wallcoverings have no creases and are delivered with high quality. But why do creases sometimes appear in the hands of consumers?

The cause of the crease

Creases caused by logistics transportation

Seamless wallcoverings are generally relatively long, with a fixed height of about 2.7-3.1 meters. In the process of logistics or express transportation, it is necessary to constantly change vehicles, and it is inevitable to keep moving around. In the process, it is easy to cause the paper tube to be broken and the wallcovering to be wrinkled.


◆ Crease caused by stuck in the elevator

When moving the wallcovering into the elevator, due to the limited height of the elevator, if it is artificially bent in the middle, it will cause creases.


◆ Crease caused by placing too long

Sometimes customers receive the goods from the manufacturer and put them in the store for too long, and certain folds will appear.


◆ Creases caused by improper construction methods

Part of the construction personnel did not roll the cloth in advance during the construction, but folded the wallcovering on the shoulder, non-standard operation is easy to cause seamless wallcovering artificial crease.


Method of removing creases

When there are creases in the wallcovering, it is not "incurable".


01Before construction

Before construction, lay the cut wallcovering on the ground for inspection.

Check the crease part, it is recommended to iron it with an electric iron before construction. In the ironing process, when ironing silk, velvet, bright surface, and high-precision wallcoverings, the outside of the iron should be wrapped with a white towel or a layer of cotton socks, otherwise the surface of the cloth will be damaged.


02After construction

If there are wrinkles after construction, rational use of hot air gun, flat pressure roller and scraper can effectively eliminate wrinkles.

The temperature of the hot air gun is very high. When using it, pay attention to the proper distance between the air outlet and the wallcovering. Before ironing, perform a heat test on the corners of the wallcovering to prevent the wallcovering from being overheated and damaged. After the heat test is OK, use a heat gun to blow up and down the crease on the surface of the wallcovering until the crease becomes lighter, and then quickly brush it with a brush.

For wallcoverings with large wrinkles, you can also inject glue from one side with a syringe, press down gently and wipe off excess glue, the effect is also good.



1. It is recommended to deal with the crease problem in the cloth inspection process, and then proceed to construction after ironing;

2. To deal with the crease, it needs to be operated before it is completely dry after construction;

3. Ensure that the thick glue is applied thinly to avoid glue overflow when smoothing with a brush.


Construction in accordance with scientific methods can not only avoid many after-sales problems, but also better ensure the presentation effect of seamless wallcoverings~