How to clean the stain on the wallcovering? “GET”Super practical skills 2022-11-08

After being used for a long time, the wallcovering will inevitably fall into dust and even produce stains. If not cleaned in time, the beauty of the home environment will be seriously affected. So the problem is, how to clean the dirty wallcovering? Now Xiaoxin will introduce the cleaning methods for the wallcovering with different stains~


Dust cleaning

Dust is the most common substance in the use of wallcoverings. Usually, when people clean ordinary dust, they are used to using wet cloth to wipe directly, which results in stains on the surface of the wallcovering.

① Ordinary dry dust

For ordinary dry dust, we can use the feather duster or vacuum cleaner at home to clean it, which is also the daily maintenance method of the wallcovering.

② Mild dust

If there is mild dust on the wallcovering, it can be wiped with a white wet towel, and it can be dried automatically in summer, and it can be dried with a hair dryer in winter or rainy day (the temperature should not be too high).

③ Heavy dust

Heavy dust cannot be removed by simple cleaning. At this time, you can use a white wet towel dipped in some neutral detergent or special detergent for wallcovering to scrub, which can basically remove the stains.

Stain cleaning

The stains on the wallcovering can be removed in different ways according to different stains. The most common stains in daily life include oil stains, lipstick, fingerprints, drinks, handwriting (ball point pen, neutral pen, watercolor pen, ink), etc.

① Common stain cleaning

For ordinary stains, soak the soft rag with water and then wring it dry, and then gently wipe the stains on the wallcovering surface without adding any detergent.

② Oil stain cleaning

If the wallcovering is accidentally stained with oil stain or soup juice, it needs to be cleaned with the mixed liquid diluted by detergent and water. Dilute the detergent and water in a ratio of 1:3, then wring the soft rag stained with the diluent and wipe the wallcovering.

③ Cleaning of color pen stains

If the stain on the wallcovering is left by a color pen or oil painting pen, it can be cleaned with a rubber or soapy water first, and then the surface of the wallcovering can be wiped with a soft cloth that wrings out the water until the stain is removed.


Mildew cleaning

Due to wall seepage, high humidity, poor ventilation and unclean environment, the wallcovering becomes moldy and black, and mildew appears in about three months to one year. It is useless to clean the mildew on the surface of the wallcovering if the wallcovering is moldy, because most of the mildew is from the mold inside the wall to the wall, and the mold is inside the wall. If the mold is not eradicated, even if the surface mildew is wiped off, it will soon become moldy again. At this time, we need to deal with the problem of moldy walls first, and then clean the wallcovering. At this time, it is not allowed to remove stains with ordinary cleaners. Professional wallcovering mildew remover should be sprayed on the surface of moldy wallcovering, and then natural drying should be carried out. About 30 minutes to 1 hour, it can be penetrated from outside to inside to remove mold and decompose mildew. Finally, wipe it with clean wet towel and dry it in the air.

Offset printing clean

The wallcovering can be completely dried 10 to 30 days after the construction is completed. After drying, offset printing residues may appear at corners of wall, edges, internal corners, etc. The wallcovering construction glue is mostly environment-friendly glutinous rice glue, which is mainly composed of starch. After it is completely dried, it forms a dense adhesive film and attaches to the surface of the wallcovering. Do not use wet rag, wet sponge to scrub, not only cannot wipe away but will lead to the bottom of the dry rubber layer dissolved in water to form a larger black blot, offset printing! At this time, it is necessary to ask professional construction personnel to deal with professional wallcovering glue removal tools, 3 to 5 minutes can be completely removed.


Precautions for wallcovering cleaning

1. After the wallcovering is pasted, the home should be equipped with a feather duster for daily dust cleaning;

2. The stains should be treated regularly. Do not wait until the stains become dry and hard due to long time of no cleaning;

3. Clean the surface of the wallcovering every half a year or once a year.


The above are tips for dealing with various stains. In fact, the most important thing is to find and deal with them as early as possible. Finally, the wet wallcovering must be dried~